Monday, March 31, 2014

made for TV movie INTRUDERS

a treatment of the UFO abduction lore

INTRUDERS (1992) full movie above. Based on the book of the same name by Budd Hopkins. The Richard Crenna character is a composite of both Budd Hopkins and Dr. John Mack. The teleplay was penned by Tracy Torme, who also wrote Fire in the Sky.

Owl hooting sound effect at the 1:22:45 time count...

So, we have an owl immediately preceding a UFO abduction. I see nothing overly "sneaky" here. More just a spooky sound effect that would be fitting in any haunted house movie.

Later, at the 2:27:35 time count, the same great horned owl sound effect shows up right before another abduction. This time there was a gray alien that met the woman abductee in a hallway, and she said to the woman, "Time has come Mary, time has come for you to understand." So, the alien plays the role of messenger.

She is shown a hybrid child. Mary is a quite an insightful name for a woman who gives birth to a child fathered from the great beyond.

Also of note: There is a Dark Shadows link with this movie. Both have the same musical director, Bob Cobert.The executive producer (Dan Curtis) was involved in the original vampire soap opera, and he also directed *The Norliss Tapes* one of the more bizarre occult made for TV movies of the 1970's. And, he also directed Burnt Offerings!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

owl and UFO side-by-side

owl and UFO
Owls and a UFO both on a cover of a kids mystery book. I actually bought this on kindle to read the story. I was curious if there was anything synchro-mystical in there. Alas, there was nothing at all of interest in the story, but my research continues.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jacques Vallee on Thinking Allowed

28 minute video interview

Jacques Vallee interviewed on a independent public television series titled THINKING ALLOWED, hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D. I am not sure of the date of this show, I am guessing the late 80's sometime.

More video excerpts from Thinking Allowed HERE.

Friday, March 28, 2014

radio interview with Dr. John Mack

The host of this interview is Christopher Lydon, and his radio show is The Connection. I don't have an exact date, but from the dialog it comes across that it took place shortly after the PBS NOVA hit piece from 1996. For a full written excerpt, click HERE.

  one-click audio download HERE  
52 minutes long

I have been trying to archive the audio interviews and presentations with Dr. Mack. These are out there, and when I find 'em, I'm sharing them here on this blog.

At the 30:50 time count the show takes a caller, a CETI scientist named Nathan Cohen. He dismisses the whole thing out of hand after what seems to be absolutely no investigation or research, whadda dick!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

owl and alien side by side at the Esalen Institute

owl and alien

The image above is a screen grab from the promotional trailer of a documentary titled Supernature: Esalen and the Human Potential.

This seems to be a little art carving in a tree along one of the paths at the Esalen Institute. So, we have an owl and an alien side by side at the what might be the epicenter of thought on the mysteries of human consciousness.

This imagery appears at around the 3:05 time count, and the soundtrack behind this scene states: "Consciousness or mind is not something generated by the brain."

two owls seen last night

I was lying in bed last night reading, and I suddenly saw my cat get all focused on something. It didn't take but a second and I heard the distinct hooting of two great horned owls, and they sounded like they were right outside my window. I got up, got dressed, put on a coat, grabbed a flashlight and went outside. It was snowing heavily as I followed the noise. There is a telephone pole right near my cabin and I shined the light up there and saw one owl fly off, looking very white in the beam of the flashlight. The hooting continued, so I walked closer to the pole and saw another owl in the beam. I watched it for just a few seconds and it too flew off. I went back inside and climbed back into bed. It was about one in the morning when I saw these two owls.

This might be nothing at all, just a nice sighting, but I've made a very real effort to document these kinds of things (owls and synchronicities) here on this blog. There wasn't anything unusual or prescient in that moment, but I am wondering if anything will turn up.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

a vivid reassuring dream

This is one more in a series of what I am calling my reassuring dreams.

Here's what lead up to the dream. I woke up at around five in the morning on March 25th. I was wide awake, just lying there in bed and wasn't sure if I could fall back asleep. I opened my laptop which was nearby and found a podcast that I had wanted to listen to, it had been posted online just a few days earlier (Starborn Support Radio, March 23rd, 2014, highly recommended).

This is normal for me, to listen to audio from my computer at night. It was an interview with Chad and Alta Dillard, a husband and wife who have both had extensive UFO abduction experiences and all of the high strangeness that comes with those events. I've spoken at length with Alta, but that was a few years ago. I lay in bed listening.

I was soon asleep, and the interview was still playing. I started dreaming, and the voices of Chad and Alta were overlaid as a sort of soundtrack to my dream.

In the dream I was lying flat on my back on my bathroom floor, it was almost as if I was hiding there, but at the same time I felt very comfortable. I had the thought that the floor was great, and I should get a firmer mattress. I suddenly felt this full body sensation, it was a kind of shimmering vibration as if I was fading away, and I thought: "I'm going to be taken!" There was a very real knowing that this was the start of an alien abduction event. It felt as if my molecules were beginning to dissolve and this feeling was very familiar.

 read more below 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

John Mack speaks with Whitley Strieber

Dr. Mack talks with Whitley Strieber on the Dreamland radio show from around the year 2000. They cover his 1999 book Passport to the Cosmos, the sexual aspects of the abduction experience and the challenges of doing this kind of research.

  one-click audio download HERE  
one hour and 7 minutes

Monday, March 24, 2014

John Mack speaking about the challenges of abduction research

John Edward Mack, M.D. (1929 – 2004)
This is an audio recording of Dr. John Mack speaking at a conference in 2001. He talks about the non-ordinary states of consciousness that are woven into the abduction accounts, and how this presents such a deep challenge to the overall research.

Also speaking with him is Dr. Veronica Goodchild, she describes a UFO encounter along with some hours of missing time. Dr. Goodchild, PhD, is a professor of Jungian Psychotherapy and Imaginal Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has practiced as a Jungian psychotherapist for almost 30 years.

  one-click audio download HERE  
This talk is 67 minutes long

I found this excellent presentation at the website for The John E Mack Institute. John Edward Mack, M.D. (Oct 4, 1929 – Sep 27, 2004) was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer and a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Mack studied the alien abduction phenomenon, and wrote two excellent books on the subject. Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters (1999) and Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens (1994).

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gary Seven as a genetically enhanced human

first broadcast on March 29, 1968
Assignment: Earth is an episode of the original Star Trek series. There is a curious parallel to the present UFO mythology woven into this story. I am tapping into ideas from Christopher Knowles in this post. Here is a great post about the episode with some cool info.

Mister Seven to you.
In this episode the Enterprise time travels back to 1968 Earth, but somehow an interstellar agent, along with his black cat Isis, beams aboard. This mysterious man is Gary Seven, played by Robert Lansing, and he is planning to intervene in 20th Century events with motives uncertain to Kirk and Spock. Also in this episode is Teri Garr, in a psychedelic mini skirt.

Terri Garr and Robert Lansing, both sporting extremely hip outfits
Kirk is wary of the motives of Gary Seven, and tells McCoy to perform a physical. Afterwards, there is a conference where his motives are debated.

MCCOY: Well, I must admit the sensor readings seem too good. Human readings, yes, but not a single physical flaw. Totally perfect body.

KIRK: If an alien needed a body.

SPOCK: He might be inclined to prepare a perfect one, Captain. But then again he may be telling the truth.

Could this perfect human be a product of some alien hybridization process?

Gary Seven is on earth to finish the mission that had been assigned to two agents who had been sent ahead of him, but they both died in a car accident before they could complete their assignment. He describes his comrades and their mission like this:
Agents are male and female, descendants of human ancestors taken from Earth approximately six thousand years ago. They're the product of generations of training for this mission. Problem. Earth technology and science have progressed faster than political and social knowledge. Purpose of mission. To prevent Earth's civilization from destroying itself before it can mature into a peaceful society.

I can’t help seeing the parallels in this episode to elements within the overall UFO phenomenon.

Gary Seven clearly states that descendants of human abductees are now working as alien spies. The idea that genetically enhanced humans could be walking among us is also part of the modern UFO lore. It is often reported that there are perfectly ordinary humans working side by side with the aliens onboard their craft. The immediate assumption is that our government has signed some sort of treaty and we are now in cahoots with these aliens. Could it be that these humans are, in essence, exactly like Gary Seven? 

Humans abducted in some previous time, then genetically tinkered to have all the powers that would be required for them to play the role of Gary Seven.

Gary Seven is on earth to complete the task that was assigned to the two previous agents. His plan is to blow up a nuclear armed rocket as a way to prevent World War Three and save the earth from total inhalation. It has been well documented that the UFO occupants have taken a great interest in the nuclear bombs held by the Americans, and there are rumors that similar interactions were experienced by the Russians too.

The line: “Earth technology and science have progressed faster than political and social knowledge...” is straight out of the UFO abduction literature. It is repeated over and over, though often with more etheric term spirituality replacing more pragmatic political and social knowledge.

fake ID's in the hands of a human raised by aliens!

Gary Seven, despite his dark blue pinstripe suit and paisley tie, plays the quintessential Man in Black. He carries fake ID's for the CIA, NSA and NYPD Homicide Squad, so he's set up to impersonate a federal officer. I mean, what better definition of a MIB than a well dressed, very serious, alien enhanced human from the future. (thanks Frank Zero)

This episode was meant to be a spin-off series, but it was never picked up by the network. Six years later, Roddenberry used this theme of an outside force benevolently aiding human development in the made for TV movie, The Questor Tapes. This was produced as a pilot for a potential series about an android (portrayed by Robert Foxworth) who is searching for his creator and his purpose, which turns out to be (like that of Gary Seven) to help mankind avoid disasters. The Secret Sun examines The Questor Tapes HERE.

The Questor Tapes was conceived by and executive produced by Gene Roddenberry, the script is credited to Roddenberry and fellow Star Trek alumnus Gene L. Coon. Like Assignment: Earth, this series was also never produced.

Angela Dorian, Playboy's Playmate of the Year for 1968

Terri Garr sees thru the alien screen imagery

There is even an overt alien screen image where the cat is not what it appears to be. Cats, like owls and deer, are a common screen image noted by UFO abductees. The name Isis is a curious nod to the Egyptian goddess, the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic.

The alien cat was played by Angela Dorian, (her real name is Victoria Vetri) and she was Playboy's 1968 Playmate of the Year. Angela means angel or messenger of God.

When Apollo 12 astronaut Pete Conrad started his first moonwalk he reviewed a checklist of duties, this list was attached to his space suit sleeve in little booklet. He flipped a page and suddenly, he saw this nude picture of Ventri.

The caption under Angela's read "seen any interesting hills and valleys"

Those wacky ground crew technicians at NASA had added Playboy images to both Conrad's and fellow Moon walker Al Bean's checklists. When they spotted them they stopped their moonwalk activities to compare Playmates!

In more recent news, Vetri was charged with attempted murder in 2010 for after allegedly shooting her husband, Bruce Rathgeb, at close range. She was tried on charges of attempted voluntary manslaughter, and sentenced her to nine years in state prison.

For anyone searching for even more synchromystical clues, Vetri was also in Roman Polanski's 1968 film Rosemary's Baby.

But hold on, it gets even weirder.

In 1969 Charles Manson's Family murdered Sharon Tate, Polanski's then wife. Vetri was a close friend of Tate, and after the gruesome slaying of Tate, Polanski was so worried about Vetri, that he gave her his handgun for protection. The pistol was a Walther PPK .380 (yes, the gun used by James Bond). Forty-one years later Vetri used this same gun to shoot her husband in the back. (more here)

So, an alien-Isis-Angel was seen nude on the moon, and then this 1968 Playmate of the Year shoots her husband in the back with a gun given to her by Roman Polanski to protect her from Charlie Manson!

And... this essay was posted on 
William Shatner's 83rd birthday!
SPOCK: Quite a lovely animal, I find myself strangely drawn to it.

All this and an owl too!
(well, a fluffy space owl anyway)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Susan Kornacki with Peter Slattery

Susan Kornacki

Two experiencers in conversation, Peter and Susan, share the complexities of their own life events. It is very interesting to listen to these two folks and the way they identify with each other's experiences.

I spoke with Susan at length for my ongoing book project. She has an amazing story that involves two owls. The night after writing about her experience, I woke up with an overwhelming sense of knowing that this story was vitally important. The feeling of significance was very real.

I had written up her account months ago, but (for reasons unknown) I revisited the text yesterday. I was impressed by the power of her descriptions, and revised it a little to more clearly define the events. Shortly there after I saw Peter's posting of her interview on facebook.

Peter is an interesting guy. I highly recommend his interviews, he shares a lot of his own experiences within these talks. He has had a lot of his own very unusual owl experiences, and he even interviewed me! His site is linked HERE.

Susan's blog is linked HERE.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

transcendent encounter described by Bright Garlick

a video that describes merging with unconditional love

I posted a series of videos from Bright Garlick (a pseudonym) back in December of 2012, linked HERE. That post generated a lot of comments, and a few folks were challenged by the "new agey" tone of Bright's descriptions. What he is articulating is what I have heard before, and the reward of watching is that you get to hear a calm and thoughtful re-telling of a transcendent encounter. He is sharing something sacred.

The beings he encountered projected unconditional love, and he tries to articulate the complexities and the implications of how that felt - and what it might mean. Watching this video was, for me, an extremely touching and sensitive experience. All this and cats too.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Starborn Support Radio

I was a guest last night with Michael Austin Melton on Starborn Support Radio. We spoke together for two hours. I shared some of my own experiences, my owl research and I also tried to explain the very real challenges involved in all this stuff. It was a good interview, and it give a good overview of my recent ideas and direction of thought.

  audio interview linked HERE  

Also, I'm on the roster to be one of the presenters at the upcoming Experiencers Speak Conference. This'll be happening in Portland Maine, September 5th, 6th and 7th, 2014.

Monday, March 10, 2014

one year ago today

It was exactly one year ago today that I set my sleeping pad down on the dirt in a muddy turn off along highway 20 in southern Utah. I climbed into my thick winter sleeping bag and went to sleep under the glorious stars on that clear desert night. The events of that nigh, and the follow-up psychic experience changed my life. I refer to this, quite accurately, as my Confirmation Event.

The best link to this event is HERE.

From there you'll have two other links, both written in real time. Hopefully you'll get a sense of the profound intensity of what was happening. It's right there in my written words.

Also, just a few weeks ago I drove past this site on the way to the annual UFO conference in Arizona. I pulled off I-15 and went to the exact same spot along side highway 20 and took some photos. I was confirming what I already knew, that there was no round structure on top of that hill.

the arrow shows the location of the round structure from March 10th 2013
During my drive home from the conference, I retraced my route exactly as I had done the year before. I slept in the same spot as when I saw the round structure. I laid my pad down on the exact same flat spot on the ground. Nothing happened except for a deep sense of enjoyment at seeing the stars above me.
close-up from the same photo with the round structure
placed in with Photoshop for scale
click on any image for a HI-Rez view

Monday, March 3, 2014

Richard Dolan / audio conversation

author and historian
Richard Dolan steps out of his role as academic historian, and gets down to the challenging task of trying to untangle the frenetic weirdness that permeates the UFO abduction lore. This was a really fun  and untethered back and forth conversation. We were all over the map at we attempted to dig into the stuff that too many want to ignore. We tried to examine the gulf between the Nuts and Bolts crowd and the Love and Lighters. Each divergent side of the UFO community is easily praised and ridiculed (and we do a little of both).

  one-click audio download HERE  

Topics include, UFO abductions, meditation, mystical experiences, Kurt Vonnegut, time, consciousness, high strangeness, the "maybe" people, astrology, Elaine Douglass, Kim Carlsberg, Anya Briggs, UFO conferences, owls and MUFON.

Richard's website is HERE.

His just released new book, UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, is linked HERE.

His weekly radio show is HERE.

An, here's his 2011 interview about the book A.D. After Disclosure, co-authored with Bryce Zabel, is linked HERE.

At the very end you get to hear the beautiful voice of Jose Ferrer reading from Slaughterhouse Five (1969) by Kurt Vonnegut. This book was a defining right of passage in the 70's. This is an 11 minute excerpt where Billy Pilgrim tries to understand time as explained by the Trafalmadorians. This was part of what Richard and I spoke about as we tried to wrestle with the complexities of time.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Suzanne Chancellor / audio conversation

blogger and podcaster
My pal Suzanne and I finally get around to doing an interview—with each other!

Suzanne has had lifelong ongoing direct contact experiences with whatever might be behind the UFO mystery. Alas, no easy answers. She runs a blog where she shares her memories and challenges, linked HERE. She also has a podcast series where she interviews UFO experiencers as well as abduction researchers, linked HERE. (Does this remind you of anyone?)

  one-click audio download HERE  

I didn't wanna force Suzanne to tell the same set of experiences she's shared on other podcasts (as well as her own) so I'm linking you to the Peter Slattery Show, and his two part interview with Suzanne. Here is a link for Part ONE and Part TWO.

You can also "see" these interviews on youtube, by clicking HERE.

During our gab-fest, we mention an event involving a coyote in my yard, that story is linked HERE.

And, we talk about a Halloween photo during the 1970's, seen in a blog post linked HERE.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

streetlight weirdness

Suburbia USA
On the final night of the recent UFO conference I took my friend Cynthia to the Phoenix airport in my car. It was nighttime as we drove. At some point we got a little mixed up and I needed to use a parking lot of some fast food place to check the map. When we pulled in to a parking spot, the street light above us went off, and she casually said, "That happens to me all the time."

We checked the directions, pulled out and kept driving.

I had my hands on the steering wheel as we traveled down a typical suburban highway lined with streetlights. With my hands on the steering wheel, I would point up with my index finger at a the approaching streetlight. At that instant, the light would go out. I did this twice, and each time it went out at the exact moment I pointed. I stopped after the second time and didn't try again. I commented to Cynthia that this kinda thing felt normal.


Cynthia remembers that two street lights turned off on the initial highway right as we were leaving the site of the conference. This seems correct. So, add two more, for a total of five streetlights blinking out as we travelled under them.

The animation clip (below) from Fantasia came from Red Pill Junkie.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1940)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

video excerpt from Owls, Sychronicity and the UFO Abductee

a short excerpt

This is a 12-minute excerpt from a 75-minute presentation given at the 2014 International UFO Congress in Arizona. Standing on stage in front of hundreds of people sharing my experiences was a big deal for me. The UFO conference scene can be it's own closed little world, and it felt good to put forth some ideas that went well beyond the nuts and bolts mindset of the core group of attendees. This talk seemed to be well received and it felt good to reach this audience.

The core of this talk comes from a long format essay (of the same name) linked HERE.

There may be a point in the future when the whole presentation will be posted online. For now, the conference organizers have requested just this short edited excerpt.

NOTE: This talk has been touted 
as a "kickass presentation" by Red Pill Junkie.

This presentation (along with a lot of others) can be purchased as a DVD at the IUFOC on-line site.

Here's the description of this presentation 
from the conference program:
Mike Clelland began his study of the UFO abduction phenomenon in 2006 as a way to better understand his own personal experiences. This act of looking unleashed a flood of synchronicities as well as intense owl sightings. These events have been the focus of his ongoing research. Both owls and profound synchronicities seem to play a guiding role in the direct experience of some abductees, this connection points to a deeper reality at play in these mysteries. By looking at these elusive and often ignored aspects of the abduction lore, something truly mystical seems to be revealing itself.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

update from a coffee shop in Sedona

Panel discussion with Yvonne Smith, Kim Carlsberg, Kewaunee Lapseritis, 
myself and a bunch of orbs

I am driving home from the recent 5-day UFO conference in Scottsdale Arizona. I stood on a stage and played the role of presenter for the first time, speaking for 75 minutes on owls, UFOs and synchronicity. It seemed to go quite well and all the feedback was good. I met some great folks and heard a lot of fascinating owl stories. I'll follow this up with more info soon.

Also from the same coffee shop...

I'm writing about owls in a coffee shop in Sedona. After I ate my scandinavian almond cake, this is what I found on my plate.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

short excerpt from Slaughterhouse Five

I read this in high school, probably 1979
Reading Slaughterhouse Five (1969) by Kurt Vonnegut was a defining right of passage in the 70's. Here's an 11 minute excerpt where Billy Pilgrim tries to understand time as explained by the Trafalmadorians. This is part of an audio interview with researcher Richard Dolan.

  one-click audio download HERE  

Plus you get to hear the beautiful voice of Jose Ferrer.