Sunday, May 10, 2015

Vomanomalous, a UFO site from Denmark

Thomas Brisson Jørgensen is a Danish researcher with an excellent website, titled Vomanomalous. He posted a report that features an overlapping set of stories, along with a small owl cameo. This account is like a spiderweb with threads leading off in every direction, and each one connects to something interesting. although . I am finding that the MORE complex a case, the more I trust it. These tangled knots are terribly difficult to make sense of, but for me it a form of confirmation. I trust this story precisely because it is so hard to understand.

  full article linked HERE  
Suddenly, for some reason she can’t recall – or maybe there was no particular reason - Marianne looked out the balcony window. There, immediately outside, hovering above the ball court, was an object of bright aluminum complexion, without any visible windows or doors or other distinguishable features. Anne says that the “body” of the object was about 5-6 meters long, and the “wings” maybe 1.5 meters each. The things that attached the “wings” to the body seemed to her like some kind of pipe system. She made a sketch of it which you can see just below.
sketch drawn by Marianne
Marianne describes the rest of the experience as if time itself started to fall apart, or as if two different timelines were moving along at the same time. The object was moving, but very slowly. She noticed that all sounds and smells now disappeared, almost as if her surroundings faded away from her, and she felt that her sense of space and time was the only “real” thing present - all tell-tale signs of what British veteran ufologist Jenny Randles has dubbed the Oz Factor.

This is just the beginning of a set of overlapping weirdness. Another excellent article from Thomas HERE.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


I have no interest at all in the newly released Roswell slides. No further commentary.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beeping UFOs

Lindy Tucker is a UFO researcher and experiencer. Over the years she has recorded and collected set of UFO sounds, and these all have an odd metallic beeping quality. They sound a lot like a the call of a saw whet owl and this similarity might make these recordings easily dismissed as noting more than this common bird. But, Lindy makes a forceful argument that these are, in fact, the noise produced by UFOs.

Her research is fascinating and her website offers a lot of her research and personal stories. Her site is linked below.

Her research is fascinating and her website offers a lot of her research and personal stories. This AUDIO PAGE has an MP3 audio file with a set of these recordings. Of particular interest to me is the very first one in the series, where you can clearly hear the hooting of a great horned owl overlapping with the beeping sounds of the UFO.

Here is an excellent article from the MUFON Journal (linked HERE), written by Lindy and published in October of 1994. It is an in depth analysis of the beeping audio recordings.

At the right is a very cute saw whet owl. According to the investigation conducted by US Air Force, this is the culprit behind these beeping noises. The recorded beeping sounds are quite similar to the call of this owl, but the reporting and analysis by Lindy makes a compelling case that it is something well beyond a little owl.

When I listen to the owl and the UFO beeping back-to-back, the owl itself has a flute-like whistling call, while the recordings of the UFOs sound more mechanized. This is my non-scientific take when comparing the two. The analysis documented in this text document (HERE) Which is the same as the MUFON Journal article . This report goes into some depth, and comes to a similar conclusion.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

missing time and a phantom rest stop

A former airman in the USAF recalls an incident from 1972 in the desert southwest. This short report from Roger Marsh makes for a fascinating read. Article linked HERE.
Suddenly our puppy in the back started to howl, but not like a puppy howl or yelp, but like some sort of monster from Hell and very loud howling and just continued to do so till after we passed this area. All my hair stood up on the back of my neck.
There is a lot more going on in this account than just a howling puppy, and all of it is both unsettling and extremely bizarre.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

my dry spell of podcasting

helvetica in good use
There have been some comments about the lack of any recent audio interviews from this site. I fully realize that I haven't done any podcasting since November of last year. That's just about five months of podcast shirking. And there was over a month going back to the one before that. As far as my podcast silence, nobody knows about it more than me.

I have been juggleing some life stuff in those months, and all while trying to complete a ever growing book project.

I have a long list of folks I am eager to interview, but I simply haven't just sat down and done it. Please know, I take a lot of pride in my podcasts, and I'm more than eager to get back at it. Please watch this space for more in the very near future.

Also, a message to Red Pill Junkie: I appreciate your chiding and support!

Here is a listing of all the audio conversations I've done on this site. If there are names you have never heard of, I encourage you to click on those folks. I feel pride in each one of these interviews. And here is a list of some of my personal favorites.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

a great white heron delivers the message—trust your inner story teller

great white heron arrives in his home
Leigh McCloskey is an actor, painter and author. Ten years ago he entered his living room to find a Great White Heron standing in the center wheel of a large red Persian rug. It was looking right at him. He even got a photo (see above).

His story is written up in a short essay titled A Most Remarkable Visitation. (linked HERE on Whitley Strieber’s UNKNOWN COUNTRY site)

This large bird remained in his home for some time, and he tells of having a communication with his guest. At one point he spontaneously blurted out "Thoth!” This is the ancient Egyptian ibis headed god, the revealer of alchemical and Hermetic wisdom.

Hearing this exclamation the great white heron clucked loudly.  McCloskey started thought he was going to faint and asked the bird Is this were someone appears in a puff of smoke? 

McCloskey writes:
Then I heard him speak inwardly in a very powerful masculine voice, exhorting me, “Absolutely not. You have the nature of consciousness all wrong. It has nothing to do with the human form and everything to do with the incipient pattern of intelligence which is within everything.” My mind then flashed onto the holographic DNA fractal weave that comes from my painting, Phoenix Arise (see below). 
He continued. “You know I am bird. You see that I am a symbol, but what you fail to realize yet is that I am consciousness that lives in more than one world at a time. I ascend and return and the reason I don't speak to you with words is I teach you to trust your inner story teller.”
This account, especially the quoted text above, really hit home for me. This was exactly the meaning that is arising from all my owl book research. Rather than any conclusion, I have instead become of disciple of the story. It is the first-person account that holds all the power, and these stories have the ability to transport me to a place of deeper knowing.

Phoenix Arise by Leigh McCloskey

Friday, April 10, 2015

I dreamed of owl toenails

click on image for a HI-rez view

Last week I dreamt of owls. I was looking down at my bare feet and realized the toenails of both big toes had gotten really long. Instead of using a proper toenail clipper I just reached down and slowly started picking and peeling at the extra length at the end of my nail. As I was peeling it away, I realized something extraordinary—the piece of toenail looked exactly like an owl in flight! The way the flakey layers of the nail were peeling away, it looked a lot like wing feathers. I peeled off the other toenail, and it looked like an owl too. When I held up these peeled away nails for closer examination, they had both somehow grown to be about six inches across! 

A warning, this is what happens to your subconscious dream world when you immerse yourself in owl research.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mary Rodwell and myself on Pentamental Audio

This is a good audio interview with Pentamental, part of Sync Book Radio. This is a two-part conversation. Part one features abduction researcher Mary Rodwell. In the second part I talk in depth about my owl research and personal experiences.

  Pentamental site linked HERE  

Hosted by brothers John and Thomas Maguire, Pentamental is a dialogue-based show that elucidates the intersections between synchronicity, science, culture and psychonautics. Through the medium of open-minded dialogue, we explore the possibility that the only way out, is in.

Monday, March 30, 2015

When the Unlikely and the Unbelievable Collide

Excellent article on UFOs and sychronicity from Rob and Trish MacGregor, linked HERE.
Synchronicity is an intricate component of the visitor/abduction experience, of afterlife communication, and may be the phenomenon that actually links the two. It seems to exist along the border of what quantum physicist David Bohm called the implicate or enfolded order of existence and the explicate order, what we perceive in our daily lives. It may be our most direct experience of who we are as individuals, as a species, a human collective.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

audio chapter - Owls as Archetype

This is an audio reading of a single chapter from my ongoing owl book. The text is read by Ryan Sprague. The chapter is still in progress, and there will be some editing and revisions before publication, but this excerpt should give people an idea of the tone of the project.

  one-click audio chapter HERE  

I have been writing the book from a first person point-of-view, so I am a character in the overall story. This means Ryan is playing the role of me. I thought this might seem jarring, but it seemed to flow quite smoothly.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the pecan story

I’ve sat in on a series of support groups specifically for people who feel they are UFO experiencers. One question I've asked repeatedly in these groups is if anyone has ever experienced a dream like distorted sensation in relation to any kind of UFO or alien contact. I used the story of seeing the five beings out my window in 1993 as a way to try to explain the very odd feelings.

A woman took me aside in the hall after one of these meeting at a UFO conference. She was cautious as she spoke. She told of being outside in her yard alone; she went up to a tree to pick some pecans. After collecting a handful from the branches she started walking back to the house. Then she turned around for a moment to face the tree, at that point she felt an entirely distorted sense of reality. That sensation didn’t last long, and the next thing she remembers was sitting at her kitchen table and realizing that some hours had passed. There was no memory of how she got there or what had happened during the missing time.

I thought for a moment and asked, “Why did you turn around when you were heading back towards the house?”

She said, “I wanted to thank the tree for giving me the pecans.”

That one small detail, wanting to formally thank the tree, changed the entire tone of her story. There is something so beautiful about that simple act of being grateful, and acknowledging it, and it adds such depth to this woman’s experience. The lesson I learned is to ask these kinds of questions, to try to push beyond just the dry nut’s and bolts pragmatic inquiry.

One question I ask of UFO witnesses is what were you thinking or saying just before you saw the UFO. I ask the same thing to people who see owls, or who’ve had a profound synchronicity. What was being articulated, either in your mind or verbally, at the moment the event occurred, or leading up to that moment.

One thing that I’ll hear from witnesses is that they wanted to see a UFO, and it appears either as they say it or just a short time after. I don’t understand the mechanism of how it happens, but I sure see the connection. Other times the connection is less overt, and sometimes its downright mystical.

Another thing I’ll ask is what was going on in your life leading up to the sighting, and then I’ll follow that with what has changed since the sighting. I’ve heard a few witnesses say that before the sighting their life had been going poorly, they had been feeling stuck and confused. Now, it would be perfect if they said that after their UFO sighting that they had become unstuck and saw things clearly, but I haven’t heard that reply yet. What I have heard is that the sighting forced them to look much deeper at their own concepts of reality itself. They’ll go on to start mediating, and begin reading spiritual books. It is very common that they'll quit their job and begin an entirely new life with a new dedication to these more mystical ideals.

More about that odd feeling of altered reality HERE.

This story was meant to be part of the owl book project, but I haven't found a place where it fits.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

UFO POV Barry Windsor-Smith’s 1966 experience

first person story telling (click on the image for a close up view) 

I read about this in Jeff Kripal's MUTANTS AND MYSTICS, but this was the first time I got to read this short comic in its entirety. This an 11-page story was last published work by comic book ledgend Barry Windsor-Smith. It was in an anthology from July 2000.

  read the full comic HERE  

Michael Hughes wrote about this comic HERE. Christopher Knowles references this comic in The Secret Sun from back in 2009. And, Jenny Randles writes about the OZ FACTOR, the eerie silence described in the comic.

Friday, March 13, 2015

over one million page views

from the stat counter
According to my stat counter, this blog now has over one million page views. This blog had its first post on March 3rd 2009, over six years ago. Mac Tonnies left the first comment on that inagural post, titled Cat and String. This was lead to a bunch of odd events, when we realized we had BOTH written the same essay within a month of each other.

Also found a tidy little 123 in the stat counter for a post from last year about the late Dolores Cannon, see below.
123 views for this post last week

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Disclosure and owls

Whitley Strieber writes about Disclosure, and mentions owls. This essay is posted as a journal entry on his Unknown Country site. As is his way, Strieber looks at the complexities of the issue with the eyes of a poet, and examines the deeper challenges and opportunities. Also, it was in his 1987 book Communion that the owl meme was first thrust upon the public in a meaningful way. Since then, the idea of owls and UFO contact have been seeping into the greater consciousness.

Link to the full essay - Disclosure: Are we ready?

Below is an excerpt from the journal entry, specificly the paragraphs where he mentions owls.
What communication we have actually received seems to have been more by way of demonstration. For example, in narrative after narrative, the visitors have identified themselves with the owl. And sure enough, if you study the owl, you will find a whole lot that seems to reflect the way the visitors act in our lives. It's not simple, though. Deep, serious study of the species and of the close encounter narratives will reward one with useful insights about how they want us to see them, and, above all, the place they occupy in nature and the cosmos...and the one we occupy.

...This will by no means disempower us. On the contrary, it will open useful opportunities to advance our sciences and deepen our cultures in ways that are just now coming into focus. We are going to be able to approach basic questions of science and philosophy in entirely new ways...

We must see this for what it has the potential to be: a feast of newness and discovery. But we should not forget the owl, dangerous bird of the night.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mary Midgley on owls

I am occasionally posting excerpts from my ongoing book project on owls and UFO abduction. 
Mary Beatrice Midgley, moral philosopher
In her memoir, Owl of Minerva, British author and philosopher Mary Midgley wrote:

I have borrowed the owl for my title from Hegel, who is well known to have remarked that, ‘the owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.’ This is a potent and mysterious symbol that might have various meanings. But the thought for which I want to use it as that of wisdom, and therefore philosophy, comes into its own when things become dark and difficult rather than clear and straightforward. That—it seems to me—is why it is so important… 

Midgley goes on to lament that too many thinkers only want to attend to what is clear, and they turn their backs on things that are dark and doubtful. She is eager to look beyond the brightly lit successes of science, and instead explore the dark  landscapes of meaning and thought. 

It seems to me that we have here the old story of the man who keeps looking for his car keys under the same lamp-post. Someone asks him, ‘Is that where you dropped them?’ ‘No,’ he replies, ‘but it’s a much easier place to look.’

That analogy plays out in the realm of UFO research, with the pragmatic investigator staying only under the brightly lit lamp-post, while the core of the mystery is off in the darkness. Midgley looks to the owl as guide into this shadow realm.

Owls, being associated with the night, are used in many cultures as symbols for two things—first for death, and second, rather differently, for wisdom. Going into the dark brings danger. But, if you have to go out, then surely it is wise to have with you a creature that can penetrate the darkness.

The owl, by this interpretation, is a companion for any traveler stepping off the path and entering the darkest part of the forest. One should expect the owl to show up, either symbolically or literally, whenever a seeker digs into the deepest mysteries. If this plays out to it’s fullest, the screen memory of a four foot tall owl might mean the observer is being told that their journey is difficult rather than clear and straightforward.

Mary Beatrice Midgley is an English moral philosopher. She was a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Newcastle University and is known for her work on science, ethics and animal rights. She is 95 years old.